Please note that all fashion bodysuits and pole dance / fitness outfits I make are being sold exactly for these purposes. They aren't lined so I don't recommend to use them as swimsuits or bikinis. I also recommend wearing a sports bra and undies/thong underneath the pole dance / fitness sets. I personally don't want to show too much, but each to their own. ;)


Your prices are in EUROs!! Help!
Yes, I live in Germany so I have to invoice in EUROs. When you buy your item(s) you will be redirected to Paypal who, in the last step before payment, convert the final amount to "your" currency. If you would like to have an indication of how much an item costs in "your" currency, I recommend the following website for currency conversions: http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/

How long does shipping take?
This depends on the location of the buyer. All items are pre-made and ready to be shipped. Usually I ship within 2 days, unless there is a weekend or public holiday in between, then it will take some more days until I actually ship the order. Shipping within Germany takes 1-2 days, within Europe 7-10 days, outside Europe it really depends on your location and your local post service, but here are a couple of figures from the past: USA - between 1 and 4 weeks, Australia - between 2 and 4 weeks. In case you get a custom order, an item made especially for you to your specifics, it will obviously take a little longer to make and ship the item to you. We will make a seperate agreement in this case.

Is my order insured?
I ship all orders insured, with a tracking number, to protect you and me. Please note that some countries don't offer tracking of foreign shipments within their borders (e. g. Australia). Please get in touch with me in case your order hasn't arrived within the above mentioned time frame. In the unlikely event of a package being lost for good you will be reimbursed by me once I received the refund from Deutsche Post. Please note though that this process will take about 8 weeks to complete to allow Deutsche Post to search for the package. Claiming delivered packages as missing is fraud and will be fined by Deutsche Post.

Can I return/exchange the item?
All listings include the relevant info you need to purchase an item: Measurements (minimum and maximum stretch), materials used, condition.... Therefore I cannot accept returns and exchanges. Before you buy an item please make sure it will fit you, maybe by comparing it to something similar in your wardrobe.

Can you make me my own personal special order?
I'd love to make you something to your specifics! :) For this I will need as much info as possible (what you would like, measurements, materials, band shirts etc.). Please get in touch with me so we can work out the details and price.

Who makes the clothing?
All clothing sold on this website is handmade by me, Yvonne Danger, unless otherwise stated. I also take photos, edit them and wrap and ship your orders.

Who is your model?
One item is modelled by Demonia van Hell, everything else by me, Yvonne Danger.